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Kerry Straine

CEO / Co-Founder
Straine Dental Management

Kerry Straine, CEO and co-founder of Straine Dental Management, is the most sought-after thought leader in the country. After earning a degree in Business Administration in 1978, Mr. Straine began a career providing tax and business advisory services to dentists before creating the Straine Management System in 1992, which became the premier practice management platform in the dental industry.

Mr. Straine has consulted with numerous dental support organizations and dental supply companies to increase their “business of dentistry” knowledge, improve their operational efficiencies, and deliver significant financial results. Mr. Straine’s clients range in size from start-up practices to many of the largest private equity backed DSOs in the market today. Having overseen consulting services for more than 4,000 dental practices and participating in over 15,000 complimentary practice assessments, he is one of the most admired dental professionals in the entire dental industry today.

Mr. Straine is called “The Data Whisperer” in the dental analytics software field for his validated research and optimization formulas and “The Secret Weapon” by Private Equity firms who’ve engaged Straine to help them understand how to support clinical providers and optimize performance of their organizations.